Avoid Costly Damage before Freezing Weather Arrives!!!

December 29th, 2016

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Inside Your Home:

  • If you have pipes that are located in an unheated garage, crawl space under your house, or near a less-insulated area in your home, like your basement, it’s time to insulate those pipes or faucets.
  • During the day and night, open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and pantry door  to allow warmer air circulate around the plumbing.

Outside Your Home:

  • Disconnect and store garden hoses. If your home has a separate shut-off valve for external faucets, turn it off and drain the water from those faucets.
  • Know where your main waterline shut-off valve is before problems arise.  After shutting-off the main line, turn on faucets to allow the water to drain and release the pressure in your pipes.

If you’re going on vacation during the winter months, make sure you leave the heat on and set to at least 60 degrees.

If Your Water Pipes Freeze:

  • Turn on the closest cold water faucet to relieve pressure from expanding ice in pipes.
  • Wrap towels soaked with warm water around pipes to gradually thaw them.
  • DO NOT attempt using a blow torch or hairdryer to thaw frozen pipes since intense heat can cause them to crack or burst.

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