Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to consider which upgrades you will make to your home. If you don’t have any major renovations planned, you can still tackle smaller projects or theme rooms. In today’s post we’ll explore some of the home decor trends expected to be popular in 2017. Paint Colors: Confident, Composed… Read more

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Nearly 70 percent of Americans say now is a good time to buy a house, according to the results of Fannie Mae’s most recent National Housing Survey. The number of respondents who feel it’s the time to buy increased 5 percent from the month before and was one of many indicators showing positive progress from… Read more

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Virginia Homes that can be Yours for Half a Million Compared to the north and west, the south offers homes which are affordable. The market in and around Virginia can rightly be termed insatiable. If you want an average figure for homes in McLean, it hovers around a million. For half a million, Virginia homes… Read more

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What does the report say? Loudoun has been one of the fastest growing counties in America for over a decade now and has a flourishing economy for many years now. With a booming economy, it is only natural that the real estate market would also take off and there will be increased activity as well… Read more

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  Looking to invest in real estate in Virginia and have a modest budget? Of late, in most cities in Virginia, it has been a seller’s market rather than the buyer’s. With some diligent research, it would still be possible to find affordable properties in Virginia.   Here’s a low-down of the most affordable places… Read more

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Just as you want to put your best financial foot forward when applying for a mortgage to buy your first home, you also want to prepare your finances before refinancing a home loan. A mortgage refi can pay for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, for example, or for something as simple as replacing a home’s… Read more

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  Market showing promise despite underlying fundamental problems   Are the good times here to stay? Experts want to tread with caution when answering this question. However, data shows that the North Virginia real estate market saw the best year in terms of overall sales volume and total sales since 2005. Despite the fact that… Read more

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When selling your home location and condition are the main factors that determine the value.  However, choosing the right real estate agent to list your home is vital. Which could save you thousands of dollars and months of frustration. To make your home selling transaction a smooth one you should consider working with an agent… Read more

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Fredericksburg’s home values will continue to rise.  January is the best time to buy a house.   Start your search with our interactive home search. With our interactive maps and charts you will be able search by price, zip code or draw on the map where you want to live. Start Your Home Search HERE!… Read more

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Inside Your Home: If you have pipes that are located in an unheated garage, crawl space under your house, or near a less-insulated area in your home, like your basement, it’s time to insulate those pipes or faucets. During the day and night, open your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and pantry door  to allow warmer… Read more

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